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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated about final month the Benghazi Yves Saint Laurent OUTLET attacks. She told CNN Elise Labott that she takes responsibility for the assault that killed the American ambassador Chris Stevens and three other people. Is this meant to take the heat off President Obama ahead of tonight debate with Mitt Romney? Our personal Candy Crowley will probably be moderating the town hall format duel. I ask Wolf who this sort of set-up favors and how crucial its for Barack Obama to perform well right after a overall performance broadly seen as lackluster and uninspired the very first time around.
Also at this time, we go reside to each Pakistan and also the Birmingham for the most recent on Malal Youssufzai situation. She was transported to http://irenenagelstudio.com/louisvuittonoutlet.html a specialty facility in Northern England yesterday within the louis vuitton handbags online hope of accelerating her recovery. We begin you the latest on her situation on the little girl who has already turn into an icon of equal access to education.
Plus, massive news cheap authentic louis vuitton handbags in the banking world: the CEO of Citigroup Vikram Pandit has stepped down. This is a surprise which comes as Pandit http://www.fwltd.com 2011 compensation remained a sticking point for shareholders: they voted against his $15 million pay package earlier this year. We bring you market reaction towards the news.
Nowadays on the show, we'll appear at the collapse of that big European aerospace and defense merger in between EADS and the UK TMs BAE Systems. plane maker Boeing. We TMre live in Washington.
Later, an update on the condition of Malala Youssufzai, the brave 14 year old Pakistani activist shot and critically wounded from the Taliban for campaigning for girls TM education. The assault on Youssufzai had shocked a number of persons, such as ordinary Pakistanis. We TMre hearing from a single of her physicians that her situation is gradually enhancing right after a three-hour operation to remove a bullet from her neck. Reza Sayah will have our report from Islamabad.
We also have new video of a clash amongst rebels and regime forces within a key town Syria TMs Idlib province. Nick Paton Walsh will likely be reside with us from Beirut.
We TMll have all that and the rest with the world TMs leading news stories, as continually.
Presently we kick off the show with significantly more http://irenenagelstudio.com/Louboutin.html mass demonstrations in Greece on the day German chancellor Angela Merkel produced a rare Tory Burch shoes check out to Greece. The go to was designed to go over Greece TMs bailout strategy plus the austerity measures which have angered countless Greeks. Matthew Probability is live with us in the Greek capital.
Also topping the show at this time, the massive suicide blasts that reportedly targeted the Air Force Intelligence compound in Damascus. Authorities say the AFI is considered the elite, major intelligence agency of your Assad regime. A shadowy jihadist group called Al Nusra Front has claimed responsibility for the attack.
It truly is unknown how quite a few many people could possibly have been killed or irrespective of whether anti-regime detainees inside the complex were hurt.
also fear for the lives of hundreds if not a large number of anti-government detainees that are getting held in the basements on the air force security compound, said Rami Abdulrahman with the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
If this Jihadi group was in a position to mount a prosperous attack against AFI, it could be considerable for two causes: very first, it suggests the Jihadi suicide bomb tactics used in Iraq are now becoming a additional prominent weapon utilized by some members of your anti-Assad rebellion; second, it could constitute over a symbolic blow towards the Syrian government by damaging or destroying surveillance equipment.
Slightly later, we TMll take you live to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where former PennState football coach Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison for sexually abusing youngsters through his time in the university.
Plus, there TMs a new poll out that is no doubt provided Mitt Romney TMs campaign somewhat spring in their step. Check out the latest Pew poll:
Most likely voters alternative for president
We also look at Hugo Chavez narrow win in the Venezuelan presidential over the weekend. Paula Newton joins us from Caracas.
Plus, an American congressional report says some Chinese telecoms companies aiming to expand their home business inside the United states of america is usually trusted and pose a safety threat. Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei are http://irenenagelstudio.com/louisvuitton.html disputing the findings. Jill Dougherty will possess the most up-to-date from Washington.
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