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Male Zhang Genshuo of Korean gas beauty attends " happy base camp " transcribe
On June 12 afternoon, male Zhang Genshuo of Korean gas beauty attends " happy base camp " transcribe, happy and familial transcribe is adjacent at 0 o'clock ability knock off, prepare special performance transcribe for Zhang Genshuo designedly again today. Program spot, zhang Genshuo sings two repeatedly, vermicelli made from bean starch of biddy letting a stage cries to return a value than seeing a concert greatly. This subaltern sand goes, zhang Genshuo every act gets attention fully, make even the bodyguard beside and agent attention central point. Zhang Genshuo a suit is recreational mount field, kiss already and lovely. Beautiful beautiful male Zhang Genshuo ascends happy base camp to lie fallow model men's clothing acts like a spoiled child Mai MengBeautiful beautiful male Zhang Genshuo ascends happy base camp to lie fallow model men's clothing acts like a spoiled child Mai Meng
Cruel fall 200 yuan of actor send 22    crystal shoe VX2262wm makes work 1660
In monitor function coessential change nowadays, each big monitor manufacturer aimed at the design of monitor exterior to go up, an excellent exterior design is very important. The Shang Jing when the crystal shoe series that actors or actress the clique is rolled out in the beginning of the year is had beautiful the exterior, very beautiful, among them 22? Quote of product VX2262wm VX2262wm, parameter, picture,ed hardy, group happy die now dish fall 200, at present price 1660 yuan. Quote of VX2262wmp of clique of actor of actor clique VX2262wmp, parameter, picture, group happy obverse side is intuitionistic graphExterior respect,hermes paket deutschland xykq dfht lvx, quote of actor clique VX2262wmp VX2262wmp, parameter, picture, group the purple that Le Yifu has romantic flavor cooperates base of crystal shoe formative to design, let a product not only have more romantic and beautiful exterior model is had while outstanding picture shows the result. Purple adornment frame cooperates to shine beautiful black glances frame, and the do manual work between is quite painstaking, body reveals the good quality of big plant. OSD key-press design is on the underside of bottom frame, 4 purple key-press distributing to go up in outstanding circular arc equably, not only cooperated colorific theme,supra footwear, and the design that contains radian slightly makes operated feel to get strengthening, hold accuse more convenient. Actor sends VX2262wmp voguePower sourceLamp design, right above casing mark has all sorts of technology parameterIn parameter respect, monitor used 1680 × 22 inches of 1050Liquid crystalFace plate,zapatos mbt online gkub pxyy rjw, have be as high as 20000: The dynamic contrast of 1, brightness is 300 lumen, answer time to be 2ms, level / perpendicular can inspect angle to be spent for 170/160, additional thisSound boxStill inside sound box of multimedia of buy SRS WOWHD. Actor sends VX2262wmp to be concealed in the OSD key-press below frameActor sends design of VX2262wmp double interface       body{margin:0 0; background-color:#FFFFFF}       td,th{ font-size:12px;color:#FFE8E3;}       .bor{border:#FBF3E8 solid 1px;}       .bor00{border:#DE8D8A solid 1px;}       .dash{ background-image:url(yesky_10.jpg); background-repeat:repeat-x;}       .h18{ line-height:18px;}       .h24{ line-height:24px;}       .h26{ line-height:26px;}       .red01,.red01 a:link,.red01 a:visited { color: #D14C4D; text-decoration: none; font-weight:bold;}       .red01 a:hover { COLOR: #D14C4D; TEXT-DECORATION: underline; font-weight:bold;}       .red02,louis vuitton evbq yzmu kbv,.red02 a:link,ralph lauren,.

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